Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Media Doesn't Value Small Business

* a hard word in a section of economic affairs workshop on APJC

By safitrirayuni

This is a good point inspirationing me. This is about interest of media to report small business, who categoried has 5 - 100 person on company. Nigel McCharty, as our mentor asked for us to mention our issues in each country. It is so interesting to know economic coverage in difference countries, particularly small business reporting in others.
As a person from small town in west Borneo, Pontianak, i give a point for this section too. I told as a local media, we have to start to make a relationship with small business. Lack of media interest leads to skeptition. Majority of media support for big business, because they contributed lot and expensive advertising. The point is media doesn't value small business.

In other side, small business has given lot of benefits for media. They need promotion on media, sometimes it was not a big advertise, but it is unremitting advertise on media.
The other good points that i've got from others are: sometimes company wants promotion their products etc, but local families avoid scrutiny. They fear exploitation by journalists because having a bad experiences with the media too, and fear having to pay for interviews, and media confused over editorial advertising divide.
In this section, Nigel was take our ussually topics on writing in economics affairs on media too. There a lot of items that persons mentioned, about foreign trade report, Indonesian expat workers, mining, logging, fuel prices, fisheries, NGO, government minister, external sources (world bank, ADB, IMF, WTO, etc) who separates by two categories: Local economic data and multinationals union and landowners.


haryo98 said...

nice story, bu

Supriadi said...

payah emang, kebanyakan media sekarang Kapitalis abiez...